TV Wall Installation

TV Wall Installation

Wigan Aerials will expertly install your Plasma, LCD, LED, SMART or 3D flat screen Television, ensuring all your home or business entertainment systems are fully configured.


Be it a new family TV for the living room, or screens for the reception area, choosing us is the way to go.


Our Free Estimate service for all new TV installations, assures you of a tailor made solution.


No two TV installations are the same, so our site assessment will ensure a bespoke and cost effective solution. From 13″ LCD or Plasma Televisions to 60″ – we can supply and fit suitable wall brackets for your needs.


Wall Mount Brackets


We have a variety of high quality brackets available to our customers, chosing a bracket depends on a number of factors regarding your installation. The first thing to decide is where in your chosen room you want to mount your TV.


Flush Brackets – If your TV is going to be at eye level and right in front of where you always sit then a flat bracket will be fine, these keep your TV very close to the wall giving that “picture frame” look. Do bear in mind there isn’t room behind them to put your cables from the TV so they will either have to be hidden in the wall or you can purchase cable covers that simply fit over the cable in black, silver or some that can be painted.


Tilt Bracket – The tilt bracket is ideal when the TV is to be placed above eye level, in the bedroom for example or over a mantlepiece. Most tilt brackets will tilt up to 15 degrees. The majority of tilt TV Wall Brackets will sit your TV approximately three inches from the wall so do not sit as flush as the flat mounts but this does allow more room behind the mounts for cables etc. The tilt has to sit further from the wall to allow it to offer the tilt facility.


Swing Brackets – Swing brackets are ideal if you need to move the TV to face different seating positions. These offer full movement and are best suited to alcoves and corners. All of these brackets will pull out into the room and every bracket we sell will tell you all of the measurements of the movement to help you choose the best option for you. All of these brackets will also fold back against the wall but bear in mind due to the arm on them they will not fold back as close to the wall as the flat and tilt models. Most swing brackets will sit approximately six inches from the wall when flat.



Floating TV in Conservatory

TV on wall, Cables Through Wall From outside

TV on wall, Cables buired in wall

Cables in Trunking

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